Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Portland Bazaar Favorites

I was up in Portland for a short visit this weekend for my nephews birthday party and after the festivities my sister and I popped on over to the Portland Bazaar. Grace Bonney (Design*Sponge), Greg Hennes (Antler and Co.) and Matt Pierce (Wood & Faulk) teamed up to create this holiday fair that celebrated the handmade work being produced in Portland.

My goodness, what a treat! There were so many amazing vendors, artists and designers. We didn't stay long as we had nephew in tow, but I loved everything I saw. Here are a few of my favorite finds:

Between Wind & Water
I am in love with these gorgeous bags and clutches. Seriously, go check them out.

Anna Mara Flowers
I literally stopped in my tracks when I saw the staghorn fern hanging from a wood post. One of the most beautiful indoor plants I have seen. My iPhone pic doesn't do it justice. We're still looking for the right place to hang it.

Woonwinkel is a shop focused on well made, handcrafted furnishings for the home.The pieces that caught my eye were the small neoprene knit bowls. I would love a large one to put magazines or blankets in. A small one would be perfect for a bedside table too.

There were so, so many more things I wanted to see.  If this event is put on again and you are in the area I highly recommend it!


Lindsay Buller said...

Love this bags!! So adorable! We need to meet in P town sometime... not kidding :)

Sara Szatmary said...

how the eff did I miss this!??!!?

LeeLee said...

Wow, amazing bazaar.